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Befriend your mouse.

The mouse is something us PC gamers take for granted. Your mouse will be the very thing keeping you alive, as you glide your dead-weight cursor through a slew of The Curser's zany obstacles, in hopes of encountering a glowing-green checkpoint. After watching your polygonal friend endure the slicing, dicing, and burning of this epic adventure, I guarantee you'll never look at mouse cursors the same again.

Read the title.


If by some miracle you DO manage to beat this game, then let me get your autograph because The Curser CANNOT be defeated...

...Unless you're The Curser.

The Curser is the only one who can defeat The Curser.

The widower's revenge...

The Curser seems like an ordinary villain at first, until you uncover the true meaning behind his intentions. Is he really the big, bad, super villain he makes himself out to be?.. 

Simple, yet hard to master.

The controls are familiar; move your mouse, and the cursor moves with it. Well, what happens when we turn on gravity? The simple task of navigating your mouse across the screen becomes a game of Flappy Cursor, where one false move could lead to a fiery descent.

Soundtrack by Noah Eichler.

The music is the cherry on top of an already-personal experience. Jam to a variety of memorable tracks that are the foundations for each scene. The "YWNBTGOST" (that's a mouthful) is free when you purchase the game.

This game is my child.

I spent several months giving birth to a powerful message that I hope will resonate with those who play it. It's okay to make mistakes, as long as you learn from them, and move on.


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YWNBTG v. 1.1 (2).zip 243 MB

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I've never completed a rage game before. This was the first time i bothered to attempt it so thanks for at least making the in between of my screams entertaining enough for me to push onward XD


Frustrating game like we love !


This game was fun, Pissed me off and managed to have a good story gg 21/10 

pls don't tell me you actually beat it.

- The Curser


loved everything about this game the music, the challenge, and the story super fun and cool!! the only problem i had with it is when i fought the boss i could only get so far to beating him lintel the whole game freezes on the  no chance screen other then that loved the game!!


Thanks! I'll try to fix that soon... 


your welcome!


w-wow...it was...really good like amazing good btw I placed my name (Jackson) and the c was chubby and I was like "how did it know?" but for real it's amazing best game I've played and it had a great story!

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Glad you enjoyed the game! Here's a funny article about it: https://www.forbes.com/sites/melissabrinks/2018/08/30/why-i-love-you-will-not-be...


I did not beat this game, but I did have fun playing!

this game looks pretty cool


Hey! Just played a bit of this on my channel! :D


Honestly i loved the game! im going to do a series on it! if you could send me some Photos that you made to make easier on the editing thumbnails!


I really enjoy the music, I keep replaying this game just to listen to the tracks.


Thank you! I don't actually know how to write music, I just make what sounds right.